Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crap I Hate

I hate eggplant.  It's way-ass nasty, bad, bad, tastes-like-ass nasty.  Growing up in an Italian family could be miserable because of eggplant.  I dont' think it's a taste thing, per se.  BTW, I hate when people use words inappropriately, or say them wrong, say for instance "per se" (OK it's two words, sort of). My husband says "for say"...why?) Any-hoo (he says any-hoo too and it's also annoying), eggplant is nasty, or do I digress.  It's not a flavor thing, PER SE, but more of a nasty textural assault upon the roof of the mouth, sort of like what like licking fiberglass must be like.  Oöther nasty-ass food...Fennel. Really Italian people?  Does anybody actually like licorice?  I've always believed people ate black licorice to look cool, that is, "Look at me, I'm cool çuz I can eat black licorice and not hurl...

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